Friday, March 3, 2017

The Caring Warmth of Family and Friends

Losses are everywhere. The older you get the losses increase.
First you start to lose your physical abilities, then maybe mental abilities too, eventually your life.
The hardest loss being the loss of your friends and family.
Until a close family member dies, the full impact is not quite appreciated.

How does one cope with such severe losses? I found the answer in the loving arms and presence of my family and friends when I travelled home to Pakistan for my sister's funeral. It was oh so good to have been in the company of so many of them.
We sat together, prayed, ate, cried and laughed as we reminisced of the good life and the good death.

I was also reminded of how hard it was for me when my parents passed away and I could not go to the funeral because of logistical reasons. I was not at peace until I visited with the family 40 days later at the "chaleswan"( the 40th) and got the chance to be with everyone and reminisce.

Relationships are everything. Every day we need to endeavor and build new ones while we strengthen the old so that we are surrounded by a wide, strong circle of caring people who will be there in our hour of need.

I wish you all a big embracing circle of caring friends and family.!



  1. Love the post Shahid, I've just recently had to deal with a death of someone close to me and have just been looking for different ways to heal. Thats how I came across your post. I also saw a page that posts about death, I think they are personal essays, going to check those out. I can share the page here with you if you'd like: Death Essay

    1. Hi Brooke,
      Thank you for your comment.
      We have losses throughout our life of one sort or leaving home , changing homes and jobs, changing schools, divorce, loss of friendships etc but the loss of a loved one to death is the most burdensome. This has been a hard winter for us too, having lost 5 friends and family close to us over5 months.
      Healing comes as we think of the good times with them, openly talk about it to others, honor and celebrate their lives (we go on one of our lost friends favorite winter trips every year). Getting involved in normal life and helping others are keys to our own healing.
      A book called "Tear Soup" is simply written and might help.
      Time of course is a great healer. You will feel better in due time.
      Good luck and my sincerest condolences for your loss.
      With best wishes - Shahid

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  3. Great post! Not everyone understands the importance of family.

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